Discovery Sample Pack

Have Lily & the Apricot products caught your eye, but are you unsure if they're really what you're looking for? 

You're not sure how they'll suit your skin or if you'll be convinced by their textures 😅

Don't worry about how they'll look on your skin?

Don't worry...we're here to help 🛟. With a great selection of samples for you. 

And best of all...if once you get them home you love them as much as we do and decide to buy one of our products: we'll give you a discount on the samples and shipping 😄 with no minimum purchase required.

We're here to help you 😄.

We have made a careful selection of products for you that we are sure you'll love:

We're sure you'll love them:

We're sure you'll love them!

🫧 Cleanser: Magic Apricot Cleansing Gel

💦 Treatment Toner: Pure Skin Antioxidant Tonic

☀️ Day Serum: Instant Glow Protective Serum

🌙 Night Serum: All-in-One Moonlight Serum

🌙 Night Serum: All-in-One Moonlight Serum

Enjoy our products "without risk" and let yourself be seduced by an experience for all your senses 🤗


🌺 Natural fragrances: Let yourself be transported to dream destinations 🏝 with our scents. 

Effective | Vegan | Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin | Suitable for all skin types 🤩

Ingredients of natural origin 🌱 Organic ingredients 🦋 (calculated according to ISO 16128) Formulated according to the COSMOS natural cosmetics guidelines. 100% safe ingredients ✅.

Effective formulas | Recyclable packaging ♻️ | Cruelty Free 🐰

🚫 FREE of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, PEG, PPG, DEA, MEA, TEA, Phenoxyethanol, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, colourants and synthetic perfumes..

VAT included

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Reviews (3)

3 Reviews

Bien presentadas
Gustado todos los productos, esperando a black friday para comprarlo todo
By Alejandra X. on 2022-11-15

Me encantan cuando las marcas sacan muestras a la venta. Así puedes probar antes de comprar. Además me mandaron un mail ofreciéndome un cupón para descontarme el valor de las muestras y de los gastos en envío en la primera compra. Así no pierdes nada si decides comprar 😊 Las muestras me llegaron super rápido y me han gustado mucho todos los productos. El limpiador es una pasada y el serum de noche me encanta como huele. Me dan ganas de comprarlo todo!
By Lisa M. on 2022-08-17

Muy útil
Me llegaron las muestras al día siguiente de pedirlas. Son muestras grandes, no las típicas pequeñitas. Así que cunden bastante para poder hacerte una idea de cómo los productos sientan a tu piel. Yo ya tengo mi pedido hecho, al final han caído los 4 productos de las muestras 🙈 Eso sí, ojalá saquéis los productos que faltan 🙏🏼
By Isa. S. on 2022-08-16

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