Lily Box
Lily Box
Lily Box

Lily Box

Metal Box Collector's Version

Discover our little metal box designed to delight your senses and...your gifts. 🎁.

We have carefully designed it so that you can give Lily & the Apricot products as a gift, wrapped in dream packaging. Or for a self gift to yourself 💝.

You can store anything you like in it, even small temptations 🍪 as it is suitable for contact with food. Use it for example to organise your little things, store your little treasures and secrets. 🤫 Anything you can think of will be safe and sound. 😉.

What is clear to us is that once it enters your home, it will not leave it. 🏡.

Reusable  | Easily Recyclable ♻️ | Suitable for food contact | Cruelty Free 🐰

🚫 Toxic Materials

VAT included

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Reviews (4)

4 Reviews

Me parece un complemento extraordinario para hacer de una compra un regalo muy especial
By Lorena B. on 2022-10-31

Merece la pena pedir cualquier producto y que venga en esta caja
By Hortensia D. on 2022-09-14

Caja metálica muy bonita, conviertes 2-3 cremas a tu elección en un regalazo!
By Carolina M. on 2022-08-10

Muy chula ❤️
Una pasada la cajita de regalo, siempre hay alguna utilidad para una caja metálica! ❤️
By Alex V. on 2022-07-31

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