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Pure Skin Antioxidant Tonic
Pure Skin Antioxidant Tonic
Pure Skin Antioxidant Tonic
Pure Skin Antioxidant Tonic

Pure Skin Antioxidant Tonic

Treating, Purifying and Antioxidant Tonic

Specially designed for those who enjoy the feeling of clean and healthy skin. Pure Skin Antioxidant Tonic is a tonic with a different texture, denser than water. That’s why it’s important to shake it well before using.

Powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and protects the skin from photoaging and pollution thanks to Superoxide Dismutase.

It will perfect the texture of your face, fighting small imperfections thanks to gluconolactone and willow extract. Your skin will look young, even and luminous.

It is ideal to use after cleansing, because it tones the skin, respecting natural hydration. In addition, it reduces pore size, so it prepares your skin for the rest of your daily routine treatments.

🌺 Natural perfume: Delight your senses with its natural aroma of jasmine, orange blossom 🍊 and mandarin.

150 ml | Vegan| Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin | Suitable for all skin types 🤩

98,67% Ingredients of natural origin 🌱 and 32% organic ingredients 🦋 (calculated according to ISO 16128)                                                         Formulated according to the guidelines of COSMOS natural cosmetics. 100% safe ingredients ✅.

Made in Spain | Recyclable container ♻️ | Cruelty free product 🐰

🚫 WITHOUT parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEG, PPG, DEA, MEA, TEA, phenoxyethanol, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, dyes or synthetic perfumes.

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PETA Certified 100% Vegan

Skin renewal

Ultra Concentration of Active Ingredients

Certified Ecological Ingredients

Biotechnological ingredients

Sustainable Packaging and Formulas

You’ll get that extra sparkle of illumination for your face in the morning thanks to its powerful antioxidants and active ingredients that purify your skin. It helps diminish signs of fatigue and protects your skin from pollution. Its gentle non-photosensitizing exfoliating effect will help you reduce fine lines and blemishes. At night it helps your skin to rest thanks to its detox effect. It is the best starting step for your daily facial routine.


  • Non-photosensitizing gentle exfoliation
  • Protects against photoaging
  • High moisturizing power
  • Cleanses and refines pores
  • Great antioxidant and anti-free-radical power
  • Depigmentation action
  • Improves luminosity
  • Anti-pollution
  • Detox effect
  • Reduces expression lines and blemishes

Superoxide dismutase

This is the most powerful natural antioxidant that exists. Reduces solar erythema, fights free radicals and protects the skin from pollution. This is why it helps you control the effects of photoaging. A star anti-aging ingredient.

High molecular weight vegetable hyaluronic acid

It can retain a high percentage of water, which gives it a very powerful moisturizing and wrinkle-filling power. After its application you will notice a tightening effect, giving you hydrated, elastic, soft and silky skin.


This a state-of-the-art polyhydroxy acid is a powerful antioxidant that respects sensitive skin, as well as, an effective non-photosensitizing exfoliator. Gluconolactone strengthens the skin's barrier, improves its radiance and visibly reduces the signs of aging and blemishes. It will help you with small skin imperfections but without irritating or increasing the sensitivity of your face.

Willow extract

It has moisturizing, keratolytic and detoxifying properties. It refines the texture of your skin, cleanses the pores and helps you to eliminate blemishes.

Organic witch hazel hydrolate

Organic floral water with powerful soothing and astringent properties that acts by enhancing the effects of willow extract.

Lily Extract

It is rich in flavonoids, so it has a powerful antioxidant and moisturizing effect. What the lily extract does is "capturing" free radicals, thus delaying the aging of the skin. It is rich in flavonoids, so it has a powerful antioxidant and moisturizing effect. What the lily extract does is "capturing" free radicals and increase the availability of antioxidants in our skin. Helps delay the signs of premature aging and protects you from external aggressions.

Take advantage of your morning energy and shake the product well. 

After washing your face, apply a small amount on your face and neck. Massage into the skin using upward circular motions until completely absorbed.

This is to act as the base of your daily facial routine. Apply Instant Glow & Protective Serum right after for a radiant effect and a face protected from blue light and pollution.

At night apply afterwards All-In-One Moonlight Serum for a deep repairing effect.


Product Details

150 ml

Reviews (11)

11 Reviews

Para rosácea ok
Tengo una piel muy reactiva y delicada, incluso con rosácea la piel queda más hidratada y la limpia, después de usar considero que me ha ido bien
By Emma Q. on 2022-11-11

me gusta
me entusiasma su olor y la sensación de extenderlo por mi rostro
By Gloria María N. on 2022-10-27

Me ha gustado que tiene un poco de textura, sana mi piel y huele a maravilla
By Martina G. on 2022-10-25

Noto piel más uniforme sumado a menos poros/más cerrados
By Pepa C. on 2022-10-09

Mejor tónico que he probado
Matizo, no lo he utilizado lo suficiente para que cambie mi piel eso es cierto, pero tiene un tacto muy sedoso dejando la piel muy lisa, pero sobre todo, tiene un olor que te mueres de rico
By Maite P. on 2022-09-29

Genial tónico que se puede aplicar sin algodón al no ser líquido del todo, así no se desperdicia nada. Sienta muy bien al ponerlo ya que refresca mucho. Me noto la piel con menos impurezas también.
By Carolina Z. on 2022-09-20

Bueno para los poros
Me han dejado de salir puntos negros, tengo el poro bastante mejor, también me gusta porque tiene textura de sérum
By Elsa M. on 2022-09-12

Me ha sorprendido mucho este tónico. Tiene una textura un poquito gelificada de forma que no necesitas aplicarlo con algodón y así no desperdicias producto. Tiene un montón de activos que no sueles encontrar en tónicos como ácido hialurónico. Llevo 2 semanas usándolo y me noto la piel más limpia y luminosa. Ha llegado a mi rutina para quedarse 🤗
By Melissa C. on 2022-08-16

He notado mucha mejoría en la piel, menos imperfecciones y más luminosa. Olor espectacular.
By Ana Sofía N. on 2022-07-14

Este tónico no tiene nada que ver con los tónicos que solía usar. Te das cuenta que no es sólo agua, es casi un sérum. Deja la piel muy fresquita y suave.
By Lucía M. on 2022-06-30

Siempre tengo el poro abierto pero con el tónico he notado mejoría. Tiene una textura como de serum, cuando te lo echas da una sensación como que la piel se lo bebe y para terminar tiene un olor que flipas. También cunde mucho.
By Vera Y. on 2022-06-30

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