Radiant Lift Eye Contour
Radiant Lift Eye Contour
Radiant Lift Eye Contour
Radiant Lift Eye Contour

Radiant Lift Eye Contour

Hyper-concentrated Eye Contour with Bakuchiol (natural retinol)

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, let yours shine and transmit positive energy until after you turn off the computer.

Even without realizing it, when we look at the computer 👩🏽‍💻 or mobile screen 📱, the delicate skin that surrounds the eyes moves and works at the same time as you.

With the Radiant Lift Eye Contour, protect yourself from the blue light emitted by screens and from environmental pollution thanks to the latest generation bioactive of Peoniflorine and Trehalose. You will notice your skin silky, firm and hydrated as well as benefit from a detox effect.

A hyper-concentrate based on natural, organic ingredients and the latest in biotechnology. It offers you a detox effect that also helps you reduce bags and treat all signs of age in the eye area. With a lifting and illuminating effect on dark circles, this eye contour makes your eyes shine and looks rested. even after long hours of work or nights of movie marathons.

A hyper-concentrate based on natural, organic ingredients and the latest in biotechnology combined to enhance each other: Bakuchiol, Avocado bioactive 🥑, organic prickly pear oil, organic apricot oil 🍑 and Lily extract. It helps you reduce under-eye bags and treat all the signs of aging in the eye area while giving you an antioxidant bonus.

Without Perfume to avoid allergic reactions in this sensitive area.

15ml | Vegan| Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin | Suitable for all skin types 🤩

99,45% Ingredients of natural origin 🌱 and 16,10% organic ingredients 🦋 (calculated according to ISO 16128)                                                         Formulated according to the guidelines of COSMOS natural cosmetics. 100% safe ingredients ✅.

Made in Spain | Recyclable container ♻️ | Cruelty free product 🐰

🚫 WITHOUT parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEG, PPG, DEA, MEA, TEA, phenoxyethanol, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, dyes or synthetic perfumes.

VAT included


PETA Certified 100% Vegan

Blue light protection

Ultra Concentration of Active Ingredients

Certified Organic Ingredients

Cutting-Edge Biotechnological Ingredients

Sustainable Packaging and Formulas

Spending so much time in front of screens tires your eyes. This eye contour, which protects you from blue light, helps you regain vitality in this area of your face, where the skin is thinner and more delicate.


  • Detox and anti-pollution effect
  • Protects from blue light
  • Prevents, reverses and treats wrinkles and expression lines
  • Lifting effect of the upper eyelid
  • Improves circulation in the area: lightens dark circles and reduces bags
  • Reduces the accumulation of fat in the eye area
  • Moisturizing and nourishing
  • Reduces spots
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • "Well-Rested look" effect


Known as the vegetable alternative to retinol without its drawbacks, it is a star in anti-aging care. Thanks to its stimulating properties on collagen and elastin, it treats and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. It improves elasticity, firmness, luminosity and shine of the skin. The result: radiant and rejuvenated skin.

Organic Prickly pear vegetable oil

Protects the skin from free radicals, thanks to its powerful antioxidant power. It improves the appearance of the skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles due to its high content of essential fatty acids.


Known as the vegetable alternative to retinol without its drawbacks, it is a star in anti-aging care. Thanks to its stimulating properties on collagen and elastin, it treats and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. It improves elasticity, firmness, luminosity and shine of the skin. The result: radiant and rejuvenated skin.

High molecular weight vegetable hyaluronic acid

It can retain a high percentage of water, which gives it a very powerful moisturizing and wrinkle-filling power. After its application you will notice a tightening effect, giving you hydrated, elastic, soft and silky skin.

Mix of white flowers (Arabian jasmine and hawthorn)

This avant-garde bioactive is an all-in-one for the skin treatment around the eye. Recover lost firmness with a lifting effect of the upper eyelid, reverses dark circles and reduces wrinkles. This mixture combats the accumulation of melanin in the area around the eye, which makes it a powerful anti-dark circles active. Discover an illuminated and revitalized contour.

Organic apricot oil

Rich in oleic and linoleic acid, it achieves that soothing effect that sensitive skin so badly needs to give your face that well-deserved feeling of rest.

Bioactive Peoniflorin and Trehalose

Peony root extract and trehalose, both of plant origin, are synergistically united creating a state-of-the-art biotechnological asset. It is a powerful protector against blue light and environmental pollution. It also exerts a detox effect at the mitochondrial level, slowing down the appearance of signs of aging on the skin. It manages to counteract the inflammatory effects of digital pollution by preventing our skin from aging prematurely. Wear a rested look and face the day in a protected way.


This a moisturizing olive oil that has a molecular composition very similar to that of the skin, so it is easily absorbed without leaving a greasy finish. It is a powerful replenisher that protects the face and retains hydration, which leaves an eye contour soft and smooth, in addition to visibly reducing expression lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Avocado Bioactive

This biotechnological asset concentrates the antioxidant power of avocado. Helps to reduce edema in the eye area and thus reduce dark circles and bags, improving microcirculation and skin pigmentation in this area. Say goodbye to dark circles and blemishes and show off a smooth eye.

Lily extract

It is rich in flavonoids, so it has a powerful antioxidant and moisturizing effect. What the lily extract does is "sequester" free radicals, thus delaying the aging of the skin. It delays the aging of the skin in the eye contour area while protecting it from external aggressions.

Organic Aloe vera juice

Its excellent healing properties have a powerful regenerating effect on our face. It stimulates the formation of collagen while helping to reduce inflammation in the eye area. It is moisturizing and replenishing, so it improves the natural hydration capacity of our skin.

Put a drop about the size of 2 grains of rice on your fingers and apply gently. Pat around the eyes, from the inner corner below the eyebrows. Surround the eye with gentle touches. Don't stretch or rub the skin.

Add Radiant Lift Eye Contour to your morning routine to complement your moisturizer.

Highly recommended if you are going to spend the day working in front of the screen or you can’t to detach yourself from your mobile, because it protects this sensitive skin from blue light.

To disconnect at the end of the day, also apply before your moisturizer, to benefit from its detoxifying and antioxidant qualities. Wake up the next morning with the same look as after 12 hours of restful sleep.


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15 ml

Reviews (19)

19 Reviews

Es buen hidratante, pero no veo mejoras en la ojera. Llevo usándolo algo más de un mes
By Virginia Vargas on 2023-08-12

Esta bien
Lo stoy usando una semana, s necesita exar muy poco, si aplicas demasiado tienes q esperar q se absorba
By Vanesa on 2023-03-18

Es un contorno multiacción que me encanta! Trata todos los problemas desde ojeras y bolsas a arrugas. La verdad es que me lo he notado muchísimo, siempre solía tener esta zona súper seca y el maquillaje me marcaba más las arrugas. Ahora se me ve la piel más lisa y el maquillaje aguanta mejor. Tarda un poco en absorberse pero merece la pena invertir ese tiempo de más.
By Alicia on 2023-01-23

Muy efectivo
Es muy efectivo, no me salto ni un día, mañana y noche, es un poco denso, se absorbe solo en 10 segundos, me lo he notado un montón
By Carme on 2023-01-12

Estoy súper contenta con este contorno. Desde que lo utilizo he visto que la ojera me ha mejorado mucho y las arrugas también. Tenía esta zona de la piel especialmente deshidratada y ahora luce fantástica. Vamos que me he quitado años de encima jejeje
By Ariadna on 2023-01-06

Notas lo nutritivo que es solo con verlo, o aplicas poco o lo dejas que se absorba en 15 minutos, desde luego el resultado es excelente en cuanto a disminuir las arrugas pero los días que salgo con bolsas no me desinflama
By Gume S. on 2022-11-14

Adiós patas de gallo
Es muy concentrado, cunde mucho, yo no restriego ni doy toquecitos, lo extiendo y dejo que la piel lo chupe en 1 minuto
By Analía W. on 2022-10-22

Es denso, es necesario echar la cantidad justa para que no quede blanco por demasidada cantidad, es efectivo si lo pones todos los días
By Francis D. on 2022-10-15

Yo tengo la piel muy seca, incluido la zona de los párpados y contorno. Lo llevo en el bolso y me lo pongo cuando me noto alguna zona de la cara demasiado seca, nutre mucho
By Laura M. on 2022-09-29

Muy efectivo
Me siento la piel del contorno mucho más lisa y las arruguitas se están difuminando. Mis ojeras también me las notos más claras. Me encanta aplicarlo por su textura y es muy muy hidratante. Yo también me lo pongo en los labios y va genial.
By Cecilia M. on 2022-09-20

Truco mascarilla
Me comentó una maquilladora que lo usaba, que se ponía más cantidad y dejaba que el contorno lo absorbiera durante la noche. Como una mascarilla, el efecto es alucinante!!!!
By Sonia M. on 2022-09-20

Creía que las patas de gallo me llegaban a las orejas, lo único que me hacía falta es utilizar un contorno por una vez
By Andrés L. on 2022-09-14

Misión cumplida
Después del verano arrugas por todos lados... una buena hidratante y este contorno y se me han borrado las patas de gallo en un 50%
By Carla U. on 2022-09-13

Muy bueno
Envío súper rápido en una cajita de cartón personalizada de la marca, bolsa compostable, todo muy eco, contorno listo para usar, a ver que tal!
By Antonia R. on 2022-09-02

Estoy encantada con este contorno! Es denso y ligero a la vez! Por lo que te hidrata y nutre mucho la piel sin ser pesado. Los efectos son bestiales! Lo primero que noté fueron como se alisaban y rellenaban las pequeñas arrugitas. Y tras 3 semanas empiezo a notar la ojera más esclarecida y la zona con más luminosidad. Además hace efecto lifting 😃
By Adriana T. on 2022-08-16

Desde que se habían puesto de moda los contornos tipo serum con pipeta había probado varios pero siempre igual: me faltaba hidratación. Esta fórmula sin embargo aunque sea ligera, un cremi-gel es super hidratante y concetrada. Te deja el contorno muy hidratado y las líneas de expresión se disimulan al momento. Tras 1 mes usándolo tengo menos arrugas y la ojera se me está empezando a aclarar además me aporta luminosidad. Es una maravilla!
By Marina S. on 2022-08-01

Contorno más bien denso
Soy muy fan de los contornos y especialmente de los ligeros que se absorben rápido. Peso si es cierto que aunque es denso se aplica bien, si crees que te has pasado con la cantidad aplicada, yo me lo dejo en la ojera para que lo abasorba poco a poco y hace efecto mascarilla. Su punto fuerte son es la efectividad en mi opinión
By Dolo T. on 2022-07-22

Este contorno me aporta mucha hidratación de ojera y párpados, denso, con una cantidad como un grano de arroz para cada ojo es suficiente
By María Cristina G. on 2022-07-16

Llevo una semana usándolo y estoy súper contenta. La piel queda muy muy hidratada y lisa. Voy notando efecto iluminador. Me encanta! Y con muy poquito cunde muchísimo.
By Lucía M. on 2022-06-30

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