Disconnection Ritual with Lily & the Apricot

Disconnect to Reconnect

For a woman who, like you, spends an average of 10 hours in front of the computer, mobile or tablet (if not more!), surely the term digital pollution sounds familiar.

Protect the natural barrier of your face to avoid premature aging caused by digital and environmental pollution. The last thing you want is dull, lifeless skin that leads to puffiness after exposure to blue light.

You need a solution that protects you from the external agents of your day to day. Adapted to the needs of urban skin of the 21st century.

Get the best out of your skin with our line of facial cosmetics specifically designed for the care of modern and urban skin like yours.

Protect yourself from environmental pollution, photoaging and the blue light from mobiles and screens.

Discover our natural routine with organic ingredients formulated under the latest dermatological recommendations. It covers everything your skin needs to stay young and protected.

Turn off your mobile and immerse yourself in a disconnection experience to reconnect with yourself and ENJOY.

In what order to apply Lily & the Apricot products?

We offer a complete routine for the beginning and the end of the day.

Combining Lily & the Apricot products offers you a synergetic effect that enhances the effects between them. If you combine the serum with the eye contour you have protection against blue light. And if you add the moisturizing cream you have an extra protection of the entire visible spectrum of artificial light.

If you prefer to use them separately, you will also get the benefits for which each have been formulated. Our beauty consultants will be happy to help you with any questions.

Your morning routine

Your evening routine

Protection and care from within

For an extra boost to your health and beauty, we have developed a unique combination of antioxidant care inside and out. In the form of delicious sugar-free gummies, we offer you protection against free radicals as well as stronger and beautiful skin, hair and nails. To make the most of its properties, we recommend taking it in the morning with breakfast.

There are so many skin care routines, but none are so complete and specific to protect you from blue light and pollution.

We know that you always lack time, that's why we make it easy for you: these routines provide a simple and unique solution to cover all the needs of your face.


Also the sensitive ones. Products dermatologically tested on sensitive skin to ensure its safety. And of course, not tested on animals.


Forget about toxic, synthetic ingredients or any other that may be controversial for your health


Taking advantage of the latest in biotechnology and dermatological principles.


Ingredients extracted in an ethical and sustainable way, with planet friendly-packaging.

Protection, care and values: from the most absolute respect for nature.
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