Lily & the Apricot

We have coined a new term: DETOX DIGITAL for your skin.

The most demanding biotechnology together with the most important Spanish laboratories in formulation, have allowed us to launch the first line of natural cosmetics on the market specialised in detoxification and protection from digital and environmental pollution while treating the most common skin problems and preventing ageing.

L&A has come to take care of you not only on the outside, but has innovatively combined antioxidant protection from the inside with a line of vegan nutricosmetics.

Digital Detox

Did you know that the light emitted by your electronic devices is damaging the condition of your skin, and that between your work and leisure time you are exposed to these screens for an average of 10-14 hours a day?

Studies have shown that prolonged and repeated exposure to blue light can cause skin damage due to oxidative stress. This results in premature ageing of the skin and the appearance of blemishes. We find ourselves with skin that is constantly inflamed, with its barrier function altered and therefore more vulnerable to external factors such as pollution💨.

Where can you find blue light?

It is emitted by screens such as mobile phones 📱, tablets, television, e-books and LED lights. So it is practically impossible not to be exposed to it for long periods of time on a daily basis.

Lily & the Apricot was created to introduce you to the term "Digital Detox" and help your lifestyle not to interfere with the health of your skin. From the brand we advocate to include in our daily lives small moments of disconnection 📵 in order to reconnect 🧘🏽 with ourselves and the "real" world around us. Our motto: "Disconnect to Reconnect" has inspired all our products with fragrances that transport you to dreamy places 🏝 and textures that make you enjoy yourself. However, we understand that you need and want to continue your hectic pace of work in front of the computer 🖥, continue to enjoy marathon Netflix nights with that series that grabs you and gossip your favourite social networks on your mobile. But... WITHOUT your skin having to pay a bill for it. 

That's why we've developed the first comprehensive line of natural and vegan cosmetics and nutricosmetics that protect and detoxify your skin from blue light and environmental aggressions while treating and preventing the signs of ageing and the most common skin problems. All reduced to a simple ritual, so that skin care is not part of your daily worries.

Our history

In 2014 a veterinarian 🧑🏻⚕️🐶 and a lawyer 👩🏻⚖️ left their respective careers to start a business together, with no experience in the sector but driven by a passion for healthy, non-toxic and environmentally friendly food..

The business? Growing and marketing organic fruit and vegetables, specialising in superfoods 🥦. And in an innovative way: in the open air and without plastic. Today their products are highly valued throughout Europe and they export to 12 countries. 

Lily & The Apricot has been "growing" for years, in the organic fields, and in the minds of its creators. 👩🏻‍🌾🧑🏻‍🌾.

"6 years and 2 children 👧🏻👶🏼 later, we felt the need to express what comprehensive care of a person means to us and to launch this long-dormant project". 

Several years of work, the passion for an ideal and a group of extraordinary professionals around this adventure have made possible the birth of Lily and The Apricot. A brand of natural, innovative and respectful cosmetics and supplements, designed for today's people, with their needs, their desires and their way of seeing today's world.

Who is behind L&A?

The creators of Lily & The Apricot are Amalia and Luis.

That vet 🧑🏻⚕️🐶 and lawyer 👩🏻⚖️ who one day threw themselves into organic farming are convinced that you can make your passion your livelihood. 

Their passion is to make the world 🌍around them a better place for everyone, including animals 🐰.

They believe in innovation to create more effective, sustainable and cruelty-free solutions. Which is why they are passionate about biotechnology 🔬🌿. And all of their products are based on it.

Our values

Sustainability and respect for animals are our core values. That is why all our products are vegan 🌱 and we do not use any ingredients that have been tested on animals nor do we sell in countries where we are obliged to test our products on animals 🚫. 

To be as sustainable as possible we have reduced our packaging to the bare minimum and only use recycled or recyclable materials ♻️.

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