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Discover the unique combination of
innovative natural cosmetics and
nutricosmetics for urban skin like yours.
Welcome to a new era.

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Protect yourself from digital pollution and restore your skin's vitality.

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Beauty is born within

Let yourself be seduced by our delicious nutricosmetics

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Ritual Disconnection

by Lily & the Apricot

Reconnect with nature, take care of yourself.

The first complete line to protect your face from blue light and environmental pollution.

Vegan, organic and natural cosmetics.

Innovation and effectiveness for your skin, because you deserve the best.

Pamper yourself with natural cosmetics and get extra protection from digital pollution.

For you who spend so many hours in front of electronic devices and love to take care of yourself.

Find in Lily & the Apricot your perfect ally: cosmetic products with innovative (real) organic ingredients, suitable for all skin types and that give your face vitality while rejuvenating it.

Lily & the Apricot is the perfect ally for you.

Protect your face from environmental and digital pollution

Protection, care and values: with the utmost respect for nature and your skin.

Protection from blue light and free radicals

Designed for the 21st century woman. Skin and environmentally friendly.

Perfect for women.


Biotechnology provides effective alternatives to animal-derived ingredients.

Biotechnology provides effective alternatives to animal-derived ingredients.

Environmentally friendly

With organic ingredients, sustainable packaging and sustainable packaging. Locally produced.

Contributing to a good cause

1% of the profits go to the NGO Save the Children. To help the most vulnerable people during the war in Ukraine.

Ingredientes vanguardistas

Con formulaciones innovadoras siguiendo consejos dermatológicos.

Protection, care and values: with the utmost respect for nature and your skin.

This is our offer

So that at a glance you have at hand the solution to keep your face cared for and protected..

Complete care routine

The search is over!

Here, at last, is a line of facial cosmetics designed for the needs of today's woman's skin: exposed to the light of screens for more hours than you would like, and who loves to take care of herself and keep her face looking radiant and healthy 24 hours a day.

So that you don't have to complicate your life, we have created a combination of products with a synergistic effect. But you can also benefit from the specific properties of each of them separately.

Lily & the Apricot is the fruit of a philosophy of life: respect for nature, animals and the environment.

From the hand of entrepreneurs who first bet on a business of organic fruit and vegetable production. With studies in naturopathy and natural cosmetics. Love for animals. And now they are giving way to a very specific and careful cosmetic line. 

Lily & the Apricot products offer, thanks to the biotechnology that takes advantage of the best properties of natural ingredients and the hand of professional dermatologists, a specific and complete line to protect your face from exposure to blue light.

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